I started using meth at the age of 13 in Sacramento California. After a lengthy term in prison and numerous felonies I decided to move to Oregon for a fresh start.

I landed in Medford in 2010 where I got my GED and associate degree in Diesel Technology. I was high the day I graduated. I decided to move again closer to my father in Salem Oregon with my kids and my wife. Then in 2019 I went to jail and my wife divorced me while incarcerated. And It got even worse from there, I did graduate from the SOAR program.

Yet still, I was high the day I graduated and my life completely spiraled out of control. I could officially say I had hit my ultimate rock bottom as I was homeless living in the back of a truck. I was desperate for change before I got to Soaring Heights.

After hearing of Soaring Heights from a friend that lives there I interviewed and was accepted. I got a job, I got a sponsor, I got child support reduced, I went to court for my kids and also signed up for classes that were mandatory. My next goal is to achieve my drivers license.

I can’t thank Bri, Victoria and Eric enough for giving me a chance. I just celebrated my 6 months clean.