Transitional Housing at Soaring Heights Recovery Homes

Our mission at Soaring Heights Recovery Homes is to provide safe, secure, and structured housing for individuals transitioning to a substance free, self-supporting life.

Soaring Heights is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in Marion County , Oregon. Your generous donation is needed to help us operate. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Structured Living

Residents have the opportunity to practice the skills they need to be successful community members.

Peer Support

Through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment, peer support helps people become and stay engaged in the recovery process.

Supportive Environment

We create a community to walk alongside those impacted by addiction and homelessness.

We Are Here to Help

Our recovery homes have been described as, “Houses of Hope.” Our transitional houses provide a structured living environment for those who struggle with Substance use disorders (drug addiction) and want to change their lives.

Individuals will have the opportunity to maintain residence at Soaring Heights for up to 18 months. During this time, you will be guided and supported while you, develop new sober relationships, restore life skills, gain independence, transition back into mainstream society, and move on to permanent housing.

The miracles that happen at Soaring Heights are accomplishments made by the individuals staying in our homes. We help facilitate these accomplishments by walking alongside them during their journey. We connect with the community partners that work with these individuals to ensure that they get the services they need to accomplish their goals.

Family smiling together in their home

Miracles Happen—

“When I lost my children, I started to lose faith that I was going to ever get them back. I did not have a home for them. I had been through many rehabilitation programs, but none of them worked. I got sober on my own, but I knew that in order to get my children back, I had to find safe, structured housing. A community resource told me about Soaring Heights. I was honestly skeptical because I thought it would be just like any other place. At Soaring Heights, I was encouraged not to give up hope on my children’s return. The folks at Soaring Heights encouraged me to keep trying. Recently, my children have been returned to me, and I am so happy. I am thankful that I moved into Soaring Heights because, without the meetings, the goals, and the family here, I never would have made it this far.”

In 2021, Soaring Heights facilitated the return of 10 children to their parents.

Housing Options

Our homes are located in welcoming neighborhoods that support our mission.

The Oriole House

Provides housing for up to 8 women with or without minor children. It is a large, spacious house on a corner lot and is located in a good neighborhood.

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The Falcon House

Provides housing for up to 5 men with or without minor children. This nice, single level property is located in a private cul-de-sac with a large, fenced backyard.

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The Robin's Nest

Provides housing for up to 7 women with or without minor children. This home is newly remodeled inside and out. It is a large, spacious house located in a good neighborhood close to transportation and shopping.

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Success Stories

“I am a Veteran struggling with addiction and homelessness. My life before was totally messed up. I was on the streets and struggling with addiction. When I heard about Falcon House, I had my doubts. I made the decision to give it a try. When I moved in, it was like the world was lifted off my shoulders. They encouraged me to seek treatment and provided resources. Having stability allowed me to maintain sobriety and rebuild my life. I am forever grateful for the house, the other gentlemen in the house, and for the directors of Soaring Heights.”


Falcon House

“The Oriole House set the foundation for my entire sobriety and walked me through some of the hardest times I have ever faced. I have been given a second chance at an entirely different life and have been super successful. My four kids are back with me, and I have stable housing and a career in management. Looking back, this is the place it all started. It truly is an amazing opportunity.”


Oriole House

“I have five children and am a recovering addict. I started using at age 15 and had my first child at age 16. I spent a lot of time homeless, in abusive relationships, and in and out of jail. I knew I had to do something different. I had some clean time when I came to The Oriole House, and what a difference it made compared to other programs. We lived independently but came together for goals, accountability, support, and motivation. Because of this structure, I accomplished all of my goals in 13 months. I have now purchased a home and am looking at my 6 year mark of sobriety. The Oriole House will forever be part of my story.”


Oriole House


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