About Us

The Vision

Several years ago my wife and I entertained the idea of opening transitional housing in the Salem Keizer area. We envisioned a housing environment where individuals recovering from substance abuse could work towards self-sufficiency among their peers. We have developed a structure based on personal requirements and expectations. Within our homes we want individuals to identify barriers to self-sufficiency and through goal setting activities work towards removing those obstacles. At Soaring Heights we recognize that there are many pathways to recovery. Individuals that participate in Medicated Assisted Treatment are welcomed. Our vision is to see that all who strive to be clean and sober can do so in a safe environment.

– Eric Rasor, President
  Soaring Heights Recovery Homes

Amy’s Story

Where it all Started

Eric Rasor


Eric is an individual who has the compassion and understanding for those who struggle with addictions. From his own personal experience he has the knowledge and commitment to help individuals break the cycle of addiction. “My goal is to provide housing, where people can address life situations in a home where stigmas and judgments are removed.“

Victoria Meredith

Advisory to the Board, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Recovery Mentor

Victoria provides hope to those who have the desire to make the necessary changes in their lives to become the person they want to be. Her experiences provide the foundation to guide others towards their path of recovery.

“When you have people in your life who support and advocate for you, you begin to believe in yourself once again and can accomplish what seems to be impossible.”

Why We Do It

We do this because it saves lives. We believe in second chances. Reaching out to another individual means a step towards hope. 

How We Do It

Soaring Heights Recovery Homes provides transitional housing for individuals struggling with addiction.

What We Hope For

To change lives and provide opportunities for recovering individuals to reunite with their families, become employed, establish permanent housing and have a positive impact on our community.